【Official】Hotel Horidome Villa

About our approach to new coronavirus infectious diseases

*The number of hotel operators is limited.
*Alcohol disinfectant is installed in front of the front desk, and alcohol for lending is available in the elevator hall.
We have a disinfectant solution.
*After checking out, the room should be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized, and used for 3-4 days.(Room allocation)
 I will not do it.
*All employees take pre-workday temperature measurements.
*At the time of cleaning, we thoroughly wipe it off with alcohol disinfection.
(Door knobs, remote controls, switches, tables, chairs, elevators)
*Alcohol disinfection of room key after use.
*A full acrylic plate is installed on the front counter.

【Request to customers】
*Alcohol on hand when you arrive at the hotel.
*Please cooperate with the temperature measurement.(If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or more, even if you have a reservation
 We will refuse accommodation)
*Please wear a mask in a public space.

2019 Trip Advisor Choice received.

  • We have received 2019 Trip Advisor Best Choice.

    Thanks to everyone's patronage, we received TripAdvisor's best choice this year.
    We will continue to provide the best cost performance from now on.

General information

  • Morning coffee(Free)

    It is installed in the front desk lobby.
    Please enjoy it freely.

    AM 6: 00 to PM 12: 30
  • Laundry corner

    It is installed in 4F and 6F.

    laundry, One time 200 yen(40 minutes)
    Dryer, One time 100 yen(20 min)
    Detergent free
    Opening Hour, AM 9: 00 to PM 9: 00
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Hotel Horidome Villa


1-10-10 Horidome Town, Nihonbashi, Chuo City

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3-minute walk from Subway Kodemmacho Station, 4 minutes on foot from Subway Ningyocho Station
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Temporary return home, business trip etc.

  • Wi-Fi router rental

    Temporary return to Japan, short-term stay, domestic move etc,
    For temporary use of the internet, rental Wi-Fi is convenient!
    For those with SIM Fleece maho, rental SIM cards are also recommended!

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